Matt MaGinn, BAS '96

Matt MaGinn, BAS '96

Name: Matt MaGinn

Year Graduated: 1996

Major at OU: BA Sociology/ Criminology

Nashville Neighborhood: Murfreesboro

Job and Industry: Insurance

When you moved to Nashville and why: I moved to middle Tennessee in 1998 for a new position with my company. I knew enough to realize the area was a great place to put down roots and have loved living here!

Favorite Athens spot(s): Night Court, The Pub, Pigskin, Strouds Run, Collge Green, Bong Hill, the Convo.

Favorite Nashville spot(s): Everything downtown! Roof top bars, Ascend is a great venue, the Gulch, the pedestrian bridge (got engaged on there), and any state park within a 2 hour drive.