Alisa Alvich, Marketing & Communications '12

Alisa Alvich, Marketing & Communications '12

Name: Alisa Alvich

Year Graduated: 2012

Major at OU: Marketing & Communications

Nashville Neighborhood: Franklin, TN

Job and Industry: Director of Strategic Marketing, Thinkswell Marketing, Media, and Advertising

When you moved to Nashville and why: I moved to Nashville in March of 2015 to expand my family-owned sales and marketing consulting company, Tier5 Marketing. With a background in B2B technology marketing, I saw that many small to mid-sized technology and professional services organizations struggled with creating and executing marketing and sales initiatives. I began Tier5 with the intensions of serving these SMB Tech/Healthcare/Professional services companies and Nashville was BOOMING in these markets. I moved to Nashville and grew a client-base with B2B professional services and non-profit companies and have been happy ever since!

Favorite Athens spot: Krystal (duh), Junction, Slice Nights, and Shrouds run during the spring/summer time!

Favorite Nashville spot: 12 South, Hillsboro Village, 5-points, The Factory, Radnor Lake, Kayaking the Harpeth river, and so much more...

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