Kimberly Bennett, BS Mathematics '96

Kimberly Bennett, BS Mathematics '96

Name: Kimberly  Bennett

Year Graduated: 1996

Major at OU: BS in Mathematics

Nashville Neighborhood: Mount Juliet

Job and Industry: Associate Actuary / Computer Sciences / Life Insurance

When you moved to Nashville and why: I was recruited right out of OU to come work in Nashville at CNA Life Insurance in the July 1996. CNA was hiring quite a few alumni from OU. When I started CNA they had employed over 1,800 people for Nashville office. Within 5 years, the company had several layoffs and then sold leaving behind only 130 people to go to the new company. Today, I still work in the big white building that you can see off 40E right before Stewart's Ferry, but with a 4th company.

Favorite Athens spot(s): To be honest at that time, Burger King or Wendy's were my favorite places in Athens. I went to OU Lancaster for the first 2 1/2 years then transferred to Athens to complete my degree. I drove 5 days a week from Lancaster to Athens. I had really no money, so I'd  gathered my change to get items from the dollar menu.

Favorite Nashville spot(s): I enjoy going to the Nashville Zoo and Centennial Park with my family.  We take trips to Lebanon to go to Sunset Family Restaurant. They have the best meat and three in the middle Tennessee.  I also love the fact that we are so close to a major airport.  Although it has been harder recently, I like the fact you can get to any part of town in less than 30 minutes.

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