Theresa McLoughlin, BSC '90

Theresa McLoughlin, BSC '90

Name: Theresa McLoughlin

Year Graduated: 1990

Major at OU: Communications

Nashville Neighborhood: East Nashville

Job and Industry: Sales Consultant for coalesse

When you moved to Nashville and why: Moved in 2007 for my (OSU) boyfriends job with LP Building Products.

Favorite Athens spot(s): The Sigma Kappa sorority house, the burrito buggy and it's a 4 way tie between Pawpurrs, The Pub, the Junction and Crystal Casino.

Favorite Nashville spot(s): I'm a bit of an eastside snob; Shelby Bottoms park, Red Door (east), Drifters for their veggie-friendly options and Lipstick lounge for Sunday brunch.

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