Name: Kirstyn Turner

Year Graduated: 2013

Major at OU: Visual Communication

Nashville Neighborhood: Murfreesboro

Job and Industry: Real Estate

When you moved to Nashville and why: Shortly after graduation I accepted a job offer for a Designer 1 position at the Nashville Design Studio (Tennessean). For a little over a year I was a page/layout designer for news publications out of Florida. Quickly learning that the face of print media was changing, I made the jump into real estate. Today I am the marketing/transaction coordinator for a 4 person team here in town.

Favorite Athens spot: Bagel Street
Jackie O's
Broneys (champagne slushies)
Court Street Coffee
Larry's Dawg House
Purple Chopstix
USD (Union Street Diner)
Fun Barn

Favorite Nashville spot: Craft Brewed & any brewery in town
Bobbie's Dairy Dip
Cochon Butcher (the cubano)
Acme Feed & Seed
The Ryman
Center Hill Lake (outside Nashville)

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