Matt Brooker, BBA '12

Matt Brooker, BBA '12

Name: Matt Brooker

Year Graduated: 2012

Major at OU: Management Information Systems (Business)

Nashville Neighborhood: East Nashville

Job and Industry: Digital Marketing & Client Support at Ballparc, a provider of cloud-based software for parking revenue management

When you moved to Nashville and why: I moved to Nashville at the end of 2016. After 9 years in Athens, my wife and I were ready for a new adventure and a change of scene. Nashville was the perfect choice for us because we have a lot of family in the area, and we have always enjoyed the culture of the town when visiting. It didn't take long for Nashville to feel like home! It's been a lot of fun exploring and getting to know the area better. 

Favorite Athens spot: The Union

Favorite Nashville spot: The Hop Stop

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